Reseller Support

Reseller Support is a topic you won’t see covered very much out there. All of the hosting companies rave about anything they need to in order to get your business. Especially Resellers!

Resellers are often not just customers, long term they become lunch. What I mean by that is that many people who go into business in web design and hosting end up packing it in and walking away over the coming months or years. Being in business is hard work.

Paid Support

At Reseller Cloud there are different levels of support that you can pay for, over and above our hosting support that is. We will also release new and exciting options in the future for our paying clients, for now, we will open up places where all can chat and support one another. We call that Reseller Cloud Crowd Support.

The Power of Crowd Support

The fact is that there are a lot of talented people in this industry.

Once a reseller learns to get over the common view that all others are their competitors and realises there are plenty of new clients to go around it releases them of a lot of tension!


Mindsets - Competitor vs Partner

We are NOT all “Competitors” we are ALL strategic Partners. We can work together in a capacity to help one another toward the common goal that we all have – Delivering the BEST to our customers!

In many cases, our members may subcontract other members to help on projects. Some will be better than others at design, others may be stronger in order areas as well. Whatever your strength you need to operate in it!

Below we will list our endorsed methods for Reseller Cloud Crowd Support.